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Products & Services

Les Équipements St-Michel offer a wide variety of metalworking products according to customer needs and specifications. Our services include : 

- The estimation and design of the project. 

- The manufacturing of the products in our facilities. 

- The delivery and on site installation by our professional CWB 2.1 certified team. 

Note :  We also offer sales and delivery services of steel armature and wire mesh for concrete at very competitive price!

Our work is performed with the highest respect for deadlines and budget constraints established for the project. 




To obtain a quote for one of the types of projects mentioned below, please send us your plans in PDF format at this address.

  • Steel Frame d’acier
    • Complete steel frame
    • New building
    • Expansion
    • Renovations
    • Structure reinforcement
    • Temporary reinforcement
    • Mezzanine
  • Stairs
    • Interior staircase
    • Spiral staircase
    • Emergency exit
    • Outdoor galvanized staircase
    • Access ramps
    • Staircase with central stringer
  • Balconies
    • Galvanized or painted outdoor balcony of different sizes and designs.
  • Balustrades
    • Ramps
    • Galvanized indoor or outdoor guards
    • Juliette
  • Awning
    • Painted or galvanized steel awning
  • Special Projects
    • Gazebo
    • Heavy machinery
    • Conveyors
    • Trailers
    • Crinoline
    • Sump plate
    • Gutters
    • Emergency ladder
    • Others, according to client specifications.

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